About Us

Kaspar Wire Works, Inc. began its grand existence more than 100 years ago when August Kaspar made and sold his first wire basket. It was around that time when ranchers discarded their old smooth wire fences in favor of barbed wire. August picked up some of the discarded wire and fashioned for himself a crude looking basket intended to help him carry hay and corn shucks from the barn to the animal stalls. A neighbor saw the basket and bought it for a dollar. He made a second basket which was sold to another neighbor, again for one dollar.

With nothing more to work with than his hands and a pair of pliers, he began to weave large baskets in lots of a dozen or more, load them on a wagon, and peddle from farm to farm selling his baskets for a dollar each. A few of these baskets are still in existence today – treasured as antiques. Soon after, August began making other things from wire and finally quit farming altogether to make wire products full time.
He built a wooden barn-like structure to house his new business venture and bought several machines to assist him – including hand-cranked and gas-powered wire straightening machines. These machines served to make his products much more presentable because he no longer had to work with crooked wire. He began selling his products through general stores and hardware stores rather than peddle them door to door. Business was booming.

August Kaspar was assisted in this venture by his son Arthur. Arthur was only 10 years old when he began to help his father with the new machines and with the basket making. Arthur gained a knack for dealing with the unruly pieces of equipment his father had purchased, learning how to fine tune the gasoline engines and handle the maintenance and repairs. In his father’s shop, Arthur developed a lifelong love for machines and manufacturing. Arthur also had a hand in creating new machines for production of the Kaspar products – including new twisting tools and machines to fashion wire coat hangers.

Arthur also took it upon himself to make many business trips to promote the sale of their wire products. They purchased a new Model T Ford – which was constantly in need of repair – and traveled far and wide selling the baskets for which the Wire Works is famous. Eventually Arthur passed the business to his son Don Kaspar. Don continued his father’s work and built the Wire Works into an international corporation. The company is still family owned and dedicated to the product we produce and is now run by Don’s 4 sons – David, Dan, Douglas, and Dennis, and a few of their children making it a 5th generation company.