Welcome to kaspar wire works

Kaspar Wire Works, Inc. began its grand existence more than 100 years ago when August Kaspar made and sold his first wire basket. It was around that time when ranchers discarded their old smooth wire fences in favor of barbed wire. August picked up some of the discarded wire and fashioned for himself a crude looking basket intended to help him carry hay and corn shucks from the barn to the animal stalls. A neighbor saw the basket and bought it for a dollar. He made a second basket which was sold to another neighbor, again for one dollar…the humble beginnings of Kaspar Wire Works. The company now operates on a 550,000 square foot, 40 acre manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment and highly knowledgeable craftsmen and engineers. We can take your project from concept to reality through every step of the process. American made, turnkey manufacturing since 1898!